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Stage 3-1 is still alive

2007-11-20 00:34:56 by Stage3-1

Alright n00bs. I gave up newgrounds a long time ago after many songs were deleted and bad shit was going down. I recently stumbled across the account. I deleted as many songs as they let me, because I'm recording an entire new album. I'll post new tracks up soon, but I'll start you guys off with J-up castle for now. This is just a rough cut mix. Check it out.


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2008-04-04 20:40:27

is that why Stage3-1 is gone?


2008-04-24 22:33:58

weren't you the guy who got his song deleted because a ton of Newgrounds people hated you and X'ed your music as stolen?


2008-05-01 08:16:40



2008-05-15 12:56:07

Yous needs MOAR Ninja Gaiden !!


2008-05-18 21:19:59

Oh. I was starting to wonder why your SMB3 Boss Theme was missing.


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