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CD for sale now!

2009-03-15 20:51:02 by Stage3-1

The CD is officially for sale on the website. and go to the shop. Package deals are up at a reduced cost. Get all your Stage 3-1 merchandise while it's still available. CDs, T-shirts, pins, stickers..

I will be submitting one song from the CD every week. Keep in mind this are compressed MP3s so the tracks on the CD are a higher quality. I have started with I/O so check it out!

Check back every week, every day, whenever and tell your friends.


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2010-01-31 00:47:31

I'm actually considering buying this. (I'm a little short on money right now) You have a really great sound keep it up :].


2010-04-09 22:08:55

I found your music on the music portal while looking for some 8 bit music. I'm now in the process of ordering your CD and having my mind blown by great music. Keep it up, I look forward to future releases!!!


2010-04-09 22:13:44

PS. have you guys ever done the moon level from ducktales?

Stage3-1 responds:

Nope, we have never done it, Sorry!


2010-04-27 03:29:01

I love your Level up 2009 album.


2010-12-06 10:04:59

all of your websites seem dead from my end, whats up with that?