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CD for sale now!

2009-03-15 20:51:02 by Stage3-1

The CD is officially for sale on the website. and go to the shop. Package deals are up at a reduced cost. Get all your Stage 3-1 merchandise while it's still available. CDs, T-shirts, pins, stickers..

I will be submitting one song from the CD every week. Keep in mind this are compressed MP3s so the tracks on the CD are a higher quality. I have started with I/O so check it out!

Check back every week, every day, whenever and tell your friends.

CD is done!

2009-03-03 13:58:49 by Stage3-1

The CD is finally done. I have all 100 beautiful copies sitting in my living room.

I will submitting one song from the CD per week. At 21 songs it will take about 5 months or so. Once the CD is released (in a week or so) they will be available for purchase through the website. Keep checking back for new songs!

CD getting there

2008-05-27 00:25:46 by Stage3-1

Still slaving away at the new album. All drum tracks are done, all bass tracks are done, some synth and guitar tracks are done. Should be done tracking it by the end of summer. Expect 21 tracks for $10! Professionally mastered and pressed. No messing around here.

Stage 3-1 is still alive

2007-11-20 00:34:56 by Stage3-1

Alright n00bs. I gave up newgrounds a long time ago after many songs were deleted and bad shit was going down. I recently stumbled across the account. I deleted as many songs as they let me, because I'm recording an entire new album. I'll post new tracks up soon, but I'll start you guys off with J-up castle for now. This is just a rough cut mix. Check it out.